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RO-RO (“Roll On/Roll Off”) shipping services are generally considered the most popular method of shipment when vehicles need to be transported overseas as they often provide the most cost effective way to ship. When shipping a car on our Ro Ro service, your vehicle is simply driven on to the ship at the port of departure and driven back off on arrival at destination. This method of loading and unloading to and from the ship gives rise to the term “Roll on Roll off”.

Ro Ro ships are purpose built vessels designed for the transportation of all manner of wheeled cargo including cars, autos, and SUV`s right up to large trucks and heavy plant machinery that run on metal tracks such as bulldozers and excavators. Using specialist loading platforms they also transport cargo that does not move under its own power such as boats and yachts in addition to large pieces of industrial machinery that is too large to be shipped in containers.

All vehicles are driven on to the ship using the ships integral loading ramps that are lowered down to the quayside when the vessel is in port to make for fast and easy loading.

Long-term contracts with the leader companies, such as MAERSK, APL, MSC, MOL, Hyundai, Hanjin, PIL, CMA, Hamburg Sud, Evergreen, NYK, allow us to provide a range of ocean freight services. We ensure that your cargo reaches the destination on time in the most cost-efficient manner.

Shipping ports in USA: Chicago, New Jersey (NY), Norfolk, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Savannah, Seattle, Alaska

Shipping time: delivery time depends on destination, but usually takes 2-5 weeks.