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Main services

Main services


Access to purchase from all US Sources;

Regular auto auctions (Manheim, Adesa, ABC, Brasher`s, DAA, WSM and others);

Salvage auctions (Copart and IAAI);

"A" Class for all auctions;

OVE (buy now price);

Closed state auctions (Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Michigan)

Access to tender and more than 120 auctions (including TRA, ACV, Proxybid);

Heavy Machinery auctions;

Heavy Truck auctions;

Bike auctions (NPAuctions);.

Stock from cars.com;


Our stock;

Local suppliers from each State;

All US Sources;

Leasing companies;

PWCtrader and BoatTrader (USA);

Machinerytrader and Ironpanet (USA);

Сycletrader and ATVTraderOnline (USA);

Free access to all Auto-auction

Buying cars directly from private owners in U.S.


Similar prices for containers (consolidation);

Free additional photos in warehouses(others require fee extra);

Pick up photo (there is compensation if vehicle is damaged during ground transportation)

API access if dealer has website;

High-quality loading (there is compensation if car is damaged during loading);

Free warehouse storage;

Steady shipping prices(up to 6 months);

Free additional photos in warehouses (others require additional fee);

Personal manager (online 24/7);

Storage fee is paid by Best Auto USA if price is fully paid & car is not picked up with 72 hours;

We export vehicles with all types of title (free/pay);

Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama (add. fee $100), Michigan;

We don’t require additional fee for late payment on holidays;

We can purchase a vehicle in any states (Hawaii, Guam);

CARFAX Vehicle history and condition report (U.S. auctions);

Inner cargo is free(spare parts)- Auto parts;