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Cars (and other smaller motor vehicles, such as motorcycles, boats, jet skis, ATV’s etc) will be loaded and secured in multimodal ocean freight containers. International shipping cars in containers, unlike shipping cars RO-RO, requires that: all fluids must be drained and fumes purged from the gas tank, the battery disconnected and the battery terminal cables secured. You may not leave keys inside of vehicles.

How many cars will fit in one shipping container?

Varies with the size of the vehicles, but typically:
20 Foot Container: 1-3
40 Foot High Cube Container: 3-6

Varies with how the cars are dismantled, but for containers with front half cuts and parts typically:
20 Foot Container: 6-12
40 Foot High Cube Container: 13-23

If you ship CARS IN CONTAINERS CONSOLIDATED WITH CARS THAT BELONG TO OTHER OWNERS, then you should not use salons and trunks of cars as an additional room for your international shipment. Shipping spare items inside of your car, except for factory installed equipment, may result to problems with U.S. and destination`s customs. However, if you still insist to put something in salons or trunks of your cars, accept the risk of problems and allowed to do that by an international shipping company, then insure that VIN is not blocked for the view when a customs officer will match the VIN with the titles of your cars.

If you ship CARS IN CONTAINERS THAT ENTIRELY BELONG TO A SINGLE SHIPPER, then you can use all spare room of your containers, including salons and trunks of your car to ship additional cargo along with your cars in containers. However, in this case, besides of original titles on shipping cars you must provide to customs complete valued packing/inventory list of all items that you ship in containers along with your cars.

Long-term contracts with the leader companies, such as MAERSK, APL, MSC, MOL, Hyundai, Hanjin, PIL, CMA, Hamburg Sud, Evergreen, NYK, allow us to provide a range of ocean freight services. We ensure that your cargo reaches the destination on time in the most cost-efficient manner.

Shipping ports in USA: Chicago, New Jersey (NY), Norfolk, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Savannah, Seattle, Alaska

Shipping time: delivery time depends on destination, but usually takes 2-5 weeks.