How to buy from auction

 1) Go to the Auctions menu and select Free registration.

2) Fill up all necessary fields in form. 

3) Go back to the Home page and choose Auto auctions.

4) Choose:

  • Regular (Clean) Cars to search clean (undamaged) vehicles.
  • Insurance (Salvage) Cars to search total-loss, recovered-theft, fleet lease, dealer trade-in and collision damaged rental vehicles.
  • Salvage Cars to search damaged vehicles.

5) Select makemodel and year.


6) Next you can use advanced search to select type, trim, odometer, color, condition, fuel, transmission etc.

7) Price column displays information about sales. When you see a "Buy It Now" price in a listing, you can purchase the vehicle right away. When you see "Current bid" you can bid for a vehicle. All vehicle listings are in an auction-style format where items sell to the highest bidder

8) To buy a vehicle or to make a bid please click SUBMIT A REQUEST button.

9) Enter purchase or bid amount and write comments.

10) You can check and edit your bids through "My Requests".

11) You can view our reports regarding your bids in Comment column.

12) If you want to search only "Buy it Now" vehicles please go to the Home page and select Buy Now-One Price from menu Auctions.

13) To watch LIVE auctions select "Watch online auctions".